Ed Davis | Bassist

Bassist Eddy "ScissorHands" Davis has long been a contributor to Miami's live music scene. Having been a part of two rather successful local acts - Outereach and Addax - Ed brings a decade of songwriting and performance experience to the group. Born into a family of musicians, rhythm and melody guide his life.

Tish | MC

Christian Martinez aka Tish aka Trigga was born into a Cuban-American family surrounded by music 24/7. From an early age, I was inspired by many different sounds of music from The Temptations, Barry White, Sade, Whillie Chirino, Benny More, Guns n Roses, Nirvana to Wu Tang clan, A Tribe Called Quest,  Bone Thugs n Harmony, Notorious BIG and Tupac just to name a few. At The age of 16,  I started experimenting writing my own rhymes and messing around beat boxing. Shortly after, I decided I wanted to make a career out of music and took the first step and got my audio engineering degree. Influenced by the production skills of Dj Premier, Rza, Pete Rock, J Dilla and Rick Rubin, I started to make beats as well. In 2008, me and my friend Mario aka Marty started recording records to the beats I had created at my house and formed the Dream Team, who would eventually recruit more musicians out of Miami and turn their sound into what is now known as the PROBLEM KIDS. 

Omar Williams | Guitar

Omar Williams was born into a musically inspired family with a common dedication to pursuing goals. Encouraged by his family and inspired by the likes of A Perfect Circle, Tool, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, & Glassjaw etc. I decided at an early age to stop “listening” from the sidelines and get into the game by picking up an instrument and creating music. Self-taught on guitar, bass, and drums, I have been striving for music excellence since middle school. Formally involved with local South Florida outfits such as Still Movement, Air Bag Morning, Baser, The Racket Club, Otoo, Minnow, Anna Palmerola and most reputable to date Addax, I found myself overwhelmed by the Problem Kid’s talent level, motivation, and shared dedication to enriching lives through music. Enough so to pick up my guitar and join forces with Problem Kids in their journey to create a unique and unparalleled sound with an invigorating live show to match.

Nick Lebless | Drummer

Born from Cuban parents, I was influenced by music at an early age. My parents always played Miami Sound Machine, Willy Chirino, Jimmy Buffet, The Beatles, Michael Jackson etc. Man this list goes on forever. As I grew a little older, I decided to get my feet wet in music. I knew that Drums was what I wanted to do and spent an entire summer playing for about 10-12 hrs daily. First song I ever learned was "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. I kept learning Nirvana songs and all the early 90's Seattle Rock bands, along with some Biggie & Tupac as well. The rest is history.

Hip Hop is where my music has taken me, but I am still Rocking with Day Music Died & making moves with the Problem Kids.

Marty | MC

Mario Obregon aka Marty was born and raised in Miami, FL to Cuban parents. Music was always very important in life growing up, and the first instrument I took up was the piano. As a child, I was influenced by different genres of music, from The Beatles, The Eagles, Buena Vista Social Club, and many more. But my love for music really started when I got into Hip Hop. I never really started writing music till around college, but I was always fascinated with lyrics and memorizing songs always came easy to me. So when Tish and I began to create music as the Dream Team, that was the start of the rest of my life. As we progressed, we decided that creating a band would take our music to another level. And with our love of all types of music, we set out on this journey that you see today as the Problem Kids.

Bert Casanova | Keys/Sax Player